I vividly remember the first time I bought a smartphone.  See, I love technology and how quickly it changes. I get excited, like a kid on Christmas Eve, on my way to Best Buy to get that next new gadget.  When I showed my Dad my first smartphone, he said “why would anyone need that?  I’m just fine with my ‘dumb’ phone.” (He now finally owns an IPhone.) I was pumped to show my wife everything it could do and how it could help her get things accomplished quicker.  She immediately said, “Do you really need this?! That thing seems like a huge waste of time and I definitely won’t ever buy one myself!” (She has probably had five different smartphones by now, uses them to run her business, and can’t live without it.) I love that I proved both of them wrong, and I am absolutely amazed at how far they have come since the first smartphone.

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I feel like we are in the same place with smart homes right now. People aren’t sure what smart homes are and if they are something that they actually need. I believe that it is the next big thing for consumers, something that everyone you know will own and rely in the future.

I’m sorry, I still haven’t even told you what a smart home is, per Coldwell Banker, a smart home is defined as:

“A home that is equipped with network-connected products (aka “smart products,” connected via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or similar protocols) for controlling, automating and optimizing functions such as temperature, lighting, security, safety or entertainment, either remotely by a phone, tablet, computer or a separate system within the home itself.

In order to be categorized as a smart home, the property must have a smart security feature that either controls access or monitors the property or a smart temperature feature, in addition to a reliable Internet connection. It must also include at least two additional features from this list:

  • Lighting (smart light bulbs and lighting systems)
  • Safety (smart fire / carbon monoxide detectors and nightlights)
  • Entertainment (smart TVs and TV streaming services)
  • Appliances (smart refrigerators and smart washer / dryers)
  • Heating / Cooling (smart HVAC system, smart fans or vents)
  • Outdoors (smart plant sensors and watering systems)
  • Security (smart locks, smart alarm systems or cameras)
  • Temperature (smart thermostats)”

Basically, a smart home is making certain functions in your house automated and/or controlled by your smartphone.  Your smart thermostat (
Nest is a very popular model) can learn to adjust the temperature when you typically leave home for work.  This can save you a lot of money in the long run.  You can set your garage door to open, doors to unlock and all of your lights to come on, when your car pulls up to your house.  The possibilities of home automation are endless and new gadgets are being developed every day. Have you ever left your house or just snuggled into bed and worried about whether or not you locked your doors?  With the August lock you can check your smartphone and lock the doors without having to get out of bed.

I cannot wait to get started on my smart home soon!!


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